What Is accessibility in art?

Accessibility measures the extent to which an individual can engage with, participate in, and/or enjoy art (consuming or creating it). Certain physical environments, economic circumstances, and attitudinal barriers (like the belief that art is only for children) can prevent participation in or enjoyment of artful activities.

what drives me?

I started painting in my 20s to heal my heart, connect with others, and explore my inner artist impulses. Today, I paint and share my love of art with my community for these same three reasons.

What’s my Painting process?

I paint using an alla prima technique, painting wet-on-wet in a single layer and in one sitting. Alla prima is Italian for “at first attempt.” The approach suits me perfectly because I hate to stop working on a painting before I’m finished with it! 

I spend a lot of time putting my sketch on canvas and then trace my lines with black ink. I apply a thin oil wash, usually magenta, to give the painting tone. I mix all my colours before I start so my application process is fluid. I paint my main subject matter first, working dark to light. I complete the sky last with various shades of colours left on my palette. This is a sure trick to unify a painting that I picked up from Gordon Harrison!

What is a playshop?

A playshop is a creative workshop but instead of “working”, we play! All playshops are co-conspired with my wonderful art community playmates.

What is My painting style?

I consider my style as post-impressionist with the loose brush strokes and thick paint. I usually tell people that I’m also contemporary because of the bright colour combinations I choose. Whether the use of bright colours classify one as a contemporary artist, I don’t know. I usually add the “contemporary” part to make my paintings seem more hip. Not that I don’t think they’re hip… they are. I wouldn’t sell anyone anything that I didn’t think was super hip… uhh… okay. That is all ;)